ebay bargains.

Learn to grab a bargain on eBay.

Finding a deal on eBay is a bit like rummaging through a massive jumble sale – but there’s help at hand. Here are our five tips to make your search for bargains as quick and easy as possible.


Misspelled Items: If a seller lists an item such as “Sansung” or “Playstaion” it may not appear in any of the regular eBay search results. This can lead to fewer bidders, and lower price.

Luckily there is a website to help you search for just this type of thing, fatfingers.com. You will likely get the best results by searching for brand names.

Search Local: Some eBay sellers will only give you the option of collecting the item in person. That’s useless for the majority of eBay bidders – but it could be perfect for you if you’re their neighbor. Thankfully there is also a great website for finding these listing too, Local Bargain Finder hunts for deals in your area. Just enter your postcode and what you’re looking for.

Last Minute Shopping: Last Minute Auction lists auctions on eBay that will end within an hour – and where the bid so far is less than a pound. Just choose the category you’re interested in and look for deals.

Get Listing Updates: If you’ve searched on eBay for an item, but haven’t found the price you want, you can track the search using this tool. You can then choose to receive email alerts.

Shop Around: Don’t assume eBay is always cheap or even good value. There are many alternatives around today, all offering secure easy ways of satisfying your bargain hunting bug.

eBay Alternatives






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