Christmas Gifts For Dads That Don’t Take Life Too Seriously. Part 1

Part of being a great dad means having a sense of humor in life. Help your dad celebrate the lighter side of fatherhood with a funny gag gift. He’s sure to share a few laughs while feeling like the luckiest dad in the world. See below for a selection of 5 great gifts for dad in this first part of our dad gift guide.


Senior Moments memory workout.

As Dad watches the kids grow, he’ll start to feel older and older with each kid’s birthday and milestone. Help him stay young and sharp with the Senior Moments Memory Workbook. It’s filled with brain teasers, puzzles, quizzes, memory games, and advice to keep his mind sharp and his memory strong.

senior-momentsGet this at amazon here. £6.99 & free delivery with Book orders over £10

What’s your poo telling you 2017 calendar.

In later life we all need to keep of those aches and pains but even more importantly, we need to remind our dads that they should be checking out their poo. We all remember that Gillian McKeith woman don’t we?

The authors of the bestselling book What’s Your Poo Telling You? deliver a whole new year’s worth of facts, tales, trivia, and illustrated descriptions, covering the ins and outs of poo, pee, and farts! Actual* medical advice inside.


Get this at amazon here. £9.99

Half a pint glass.

Let’s admit it, dads don’t do halfs, do they? The tiny glass it comes in seems unimpressive and it feels like it’s gone within seconds. However, understandably, some dads no longer have the capacity to drink such large quantities at once so we must give in to the faux pas that is the pint glass’s less impressive sibling.


Get this HERE. £8.75

Mini Drone.

Let our old dads experience  a little bit of fun in their later years with this novelty, but quite fun, mini drone.

This quadcopter is absolutely great for beginners so it’s great for old dads, it has a special headless mode which keeps it easier for the user to use the remote control, keeping forward as forward and left and right as they should be using its special algorithm inside the drones micro-controller.

It also does several pre programmed trick so dad can pretend he’s cool and trendy.


Get this mini drone HERE. £18.25

Sandal Socks.

Just, why not.

Cotton socks printed with a sandal design

  • Wear the classy socks and sandals look all the time!
  • Cotton
  • A great gag that gets worn again and again
  • Guaranteed to put some fun on your feet!
  • Contents: 1 x pair of cotton Sandal Socks



Get these great sandal socks here. £3.79




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