When Is Black Friday 2016?

Until a few years ago Black Friday was an event we all laughed at on the news, watching crazy Americans fight over 70″ TV’s but now its frimly part of the British retail calander.

Shoppers this year are expected to spend an average of £203 each, an overall £3 billion on Black Friday alon, so here is what you need to know to make sure you get the best deals possible.


It would also be worth looking at our post here showing you what tricks retailers use to make deals look more appealing.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday, as a term, was first used to describe the day in which most shops “moved into the black” – meaning they had reached their break even point but today its a day for massive bargains, well supposedly.


As a concept it works, customers queue for hours, even days to get their hands on the biggest bargains. Unfortunately, as we see all too often on TV, the mania that ensues can descend into violence as people punch, steal and argue over the latest discounted gadgets and appliances.

When is it Black Friday in the UK?

Traditionally Black Friday is the day after thanksgiving – an American holiday which falls on the fourth Thursday in Novemember.

This Year Black Friday will fall on the 25th November – but while some shoppers continue to fight for the best deals in store, many retailers expect the majority of Black Friday business to be done online.

What else do I need to know?

It’s not just Christmas presents you can get your hands on – many airlines and holiday websites also do great Black Friday deals, with some offering flights for just a few pounds last year.

And if you don’t find what you’re looking for on Black Friday, there’s always Cyber Monday.



Black Friday Reality

November 25th, make sure its in your diary, as that’s the date set for this years Black Friday Sale. Like the arrival of Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve, this once American only tradition has now become one of the most anticipated sales events of the year.

Many of the retail deals are legitimate bargains, but others are nothing more than ordinary sales wrapped in shiny packaging. How can you tell the difference? Well, we have all the secrets to help you decipher all the sneaky trick that retailers use to clear unwanted stock.


Massive Deals are RARE.

Mega Deals are the staple of every Black Friday sale aren’t they? No? Well, they should be. Blockbuster deals that have people queuing around the block are few and far between and usually offer very limited stock for very limited times.

The products look good, and the prices certainly sound good, but the reality of actually getting your hands on one of these items isn’t so rosy.


In 2015, for instance, Sears plastered a Kenmore Elite washer and dryer on the front page of its Black Friday ad, with the promise of 51% off on the pair. But the fine print below the deal revealed that there were approximately only four available per store.

Discounts Are Often Inflated.

Black Friday deals aren’t just hard to come by, but most of the time they are just simply over stated. Its common for retailers to hike prices pre sale allowing them to make larger cuts come sale day, making their tiny discounts more appealing.

If you shop this year on Black Friday, don’t pay attention to the supposed percentage of the discounts. Instead, judge the value of a product based on the sale price and how it compares with the item’s price at other stores.


Always Read The Fine Print.

Finally, even if you manage to avoid all of the above tricks and traps, you could still be faced with more fine print. Retailers have a way of making some sales difficult to actually claim.

Certain deals may require completion of a mail-in rebate. Other products are available at their advertised sale price only for a few hours and then go up in price. Keep an eye out for such fine print and exclusions — usually located at the bottom of a Black Friday ad or beneath individual deals within the ad — so you aren’t surprised when you get to the store on Black Friday.


Christmas 2016 Must Have Toys

We take a look at the 20 must have toys predicted to sell out by December 2016… and of course where we think you will get them cheapest.

The biggest toy sellers and industry experts have, like every other year, announced their top toy predictions for Christmas 2016.

So we have been checking out the list, playing with them, getting our kids to play with them and figuring out which will truly be difficult to come by come December.

As we can we will update the prices to truly help you get the best deals..

Part 1 of our two part post. Toys 1 – 10 in no particular order

UPDATED 28th October 2016

Fisher Price Code-a-pillar



One of a new breed of coding toys for preschoolers, the Code-A-Pillar is made up of 8 segments, which can be mixed around to direct the Code-a-pillar to move in a certain direction or do an action – just like coding. Cute and clever.

Ages 3+

Argos £38.99 Collect in store for FREE. Otherwise £3.95 Same day delivery

Smyths £39.99 Collect in store for FREE. Also FREE delivery on orders over £20.


FurReal Friends Torch


Bigger than you might expect (over 35cm tall), Torch My Blazin Dragon is a curiously-named responsive toy that will react when you stroke its nose, touch its charm button or give a plastic treat. It also breathes out a mist, snorts and giggles in a dragon-y type way.

Ages 4+

Argos £77.95 Collect in store for FREE. Otherwise £3.95 Same day delivery

Amazon £59.99 & FREE delivery

Toys R Us £83.99 Click and collect only. Find your nearest store here.

Smyths £69.99 Collect in store for FREE. Also FREE delivery on orders over £20


VTech KidiZoom Action Cam


This is our favourite for this years number one gift. Your child’s own ‘Go-Pro’, the KidiZoom has mounts to attach to a bike or a helmet, plus a waterproof case that can film underwater photos and videos and options to customise pics with cartoon images. You will need to buy your own SD card.

Ages 5+

Amazon £47.49 & FREE delivery

Smyths £39.99 Collect in store for FREE. Also FREE delivery on orders over £20

Toys R Us £49.99 But this one includes a carry case. Click and collect only. Find your nearest store here

Argos £44.99 Collect in store for FREE. Otherwise £3.95 Same day delivery


Lego Nexo Knights Siege of Doom set


Nexo Knights combine traditional LEGO sets with a Cartoon Network TV series and gaming app and the Machine of Doom set is all-action, with more than 500 pieces, catapults, giant spiked wheels and scannable shields. You also get 3 minifigures- General Magmar, Flama and Clay Moorington.

Ages 8+

Amazon £24.99 & FREE delivery

Toys R Us £27.99 Click and collect for FREE & FREE delivery


Nerf Modulus Tri Strike


Not one, not two, but THREE different kinds of darts in the same blaster… a sure fire way to end up with a foam missile to the head on Christmas afternoon.

Ages 8+

Toys R Us £29.99 & FREE darts. FREE click and collect & FREE Delivery

Amazon £24.99 & Free delivery

Argos £29.99 Collect in store for FREE. Otherwise £3.95 Same day delivery

Smyths £29.99 Collect in store for FREE. Also FREE delivery on orders over £20

BB-8 Remote Control


This remote-controlled BB-8 toy is 2016’s hottest Star Wars toy. It can roll in all directions and makes expressive droid sounds (if droids can make expressive noises). This loyal companion could replace the much-loved R2-D2 as the new favourite Star Wars robot.

Ages 4+

Argos £44.99 Collect in store for FREE. Otherwise £3.95 Same day delivery

Amazon £64.20 & FREE delivery.


Barbie 3 Storey Townhouse


Barbie gets her own Barbie-pink house filled with a bathtub that doubles as a rooftop spa, a swing chair, a flat-screen TV plus a working lift (hey, who needs stairs?). No Barbies included.

Ages 5+

Smyths £79.99 Collect in store for FREE. Also FREE delivery on orders over £20.

Amazon £79.99 & FREE delivery.

Argos £84.99 Collect in store for FREE. Otherwise £3.95 Same day delivery.

Furby Connect


Furby has come a long way since 1998 when it first made an appearance (and sold 27 million in that first year). Furby Connect now comes with an app, has eyes that show 150 expressions and gets regular updates via Bluetooth. And guess what? If Furby gets that little bit irritating, you can pop on an eye mask and Furby goes to sleep.

Ages 6+

Argos £49.99 Pink Purple Blue & Teal. Orange £44.99. Collect in store for FREE. Otherwise £3.95 Same day delivery.

Amazon £49.99 Pink Purple Blue & Teal. FREE delivery.

Smyths £49.99 Pink Purple Blue Teal & Orange. Collect in store for FREE. Also FREE delivery on orders over £20.

Toys R Us £59.99 Pink Purple Blue & Teal. FREE click and collect & FREE Delivery


WowWee Chip the Robot Dog


Wow indeed. The WowWee Chip robotic dog knocked us out when we borrowed it. Yes, it’s very expensive but it’s an incredible toy. Your child will be able to train Chip by talking or by using an app and in return Chip will become affectionate and develop a personality. Chip even has its own throw-and-fetch ball.

Ages 8+

Amazon £199 & FREE delivery.

Smyths £199 Collect in store for FREE. Also FREE delivery on orders over £20.

Toys R Us £199 FREE click and collect & FREE Delivery

Tiny Treasures Newborn Baby Doll


An incredibly life-like doll who has a baby-perfumed smell (the nice smells not the pooey ones) and is soft enough to cuddle, although weighs the same as a newborn. She also comes with a birth certificate, hospital tag and a cardboard car seat.

When we initially checked out this cute little doll it was only in stock at Argos, is that a sign it will be sold out come December?

Ages 3+

Argos £39.99 Boy & Girl version. Collect in store for FREE. Otherwise £3.95 Same day delivery.